FCKEditor 2.0 RC2

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today I downloaded the FCKEditor 2.0 RC2 and
installed it on my server.

It's great, but I don't get a few things -
For one, the skins don't want to work properly for me -
I managed to use them on my local server - but just with a trick,
by using the absolut path on my server, not the relative path.

Online I renamed the folder "office2003" to "default", which is a
temporarily solution, but isn't really satisfying me.

Second, the image upload doesn't work -
When I click on that image icon, a new window pops up,
but it only displays a / as folder name -
when I am trying to upload a picture, it says  "...(Upload in progress,
please wait...)" but nothing happens...
Same when trying to create a new folder.

I had a look in the source code, but I couldn't find where to change what.

Google just knows stuff about cms editors like phpnuke and FCKEditor,
and the documentation is very short.

Any ideas?



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