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I am investigating using PHP to create an online application. The following
are areas of concern when it comes to PHP. Can anyone verify that the
following is possible using PHP? I am not looking for immediate examples
yet. I just want to verify that it is possible before I spend a lot of time
learning PHP.

The original application was written in VB6.

Can I have a form that has dropdown boxes, radio buttons, check boxes and
when one of these controls are selected the remainder controls are either
available or not. I want dynamic changes to controls based on user
selections. If it is possible, will the page have to be recreated at every
user change? Are there any websites that you know of, do this?

Can you create functions in PHP to do routine functions. A function like
AddOne(iValue) where you say B = Addone(A)?

What is the biggest challenge to use PHP when you are familiar to VB6?


Re: extreme newbie question - PHP uses

John@smith wrote:
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There's nothing to investigate; PHP is suitable. :)

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This is something that you will need to work out using JavaScript.

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Most definitely.

I would say, absence of strong typing and system calls that
are styled in "Unix way" (rather than "Windows way").  For
example, there are no date and time types in PHP; you operate
with either string presentations of date and time or Unix


Re: extreme newbie question - PHP uses

John@smith wrote:
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IMHO, this may not be a good idea - unless there is an alternate reason
why you have to have the app run on the web.

VB uses native Windows controls (i.e. checkboxes, radiobuttons, etc.).
It can interact directly with Windows to do things like what you need
(and a lot more).

PHP doesn't have its own controls - it depends on HTML code for the
controls.  PHP is server-side, but the window being displayed is
client-side.  Therefore, PHP itself cannot directly interact with the
controls to create the dynamics you wish.

The other alternative mentioned is to use JavaScript.  This is a fine
solution - as long as people have JavaScript enabled in their browsers.
  But if JavaScript is disabled (like it is on my system), no dynamic

PHP is a good language, but it has its limitations - just like VB.  But
that's why there are so many languages around - each has its advantages
and disadvantages. The trick is to match the right language with the need.

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