Extracting unique values ??

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I'm reading in a CSV and displaying using the code below:

$users = file("text.txt");
   echo "<table border='1' width='75%' align='center'>";
   echo "<tr>";
      echo "<td width='33%' align='center'><b>Username</b></td>";
      echo "<td width='33%' align='center'><b>Domain Name</b></td>";
      echo "<td width='34%' align='center'><b>Date & Time</b></td>";
      echo "</tr>";
   foreach ($users as $user) {
      list($name, $domain, $date) = explode(",", $user);
      echo "<tr>";
   $result = count($users);
         if ($domain == " test.com"){
          echo "<td width='33%' align='center'>$font2$name</td>";
          echo "<td width='33%' align='center'>$font2$domain</td>";
          echo "<td width='34%' align='center'>$font2$date</td>";
      } else {
     echo "<td width='33%' align='center'>$font$name</td>";
         echo "<td width='33%' align='center'>$font$domain</td>";
         echo "<td width='34%' align='center'>$font$date</td>";
      echo "</tr>";

This works fine, except I would like to return the unique value for
$name, can some one help ?

The CSV is:

username, domain, date
user1, test.com, 01/02/2007


Re: Extracting unique values ??

jerryyang_la1@yahoo.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

How big is this CSV going to get?  If its going to get big you'd be  
better with a database as you're reading the entire file into memory.

Anyhow, not quite sure if I'm on the right lines for what you want, but
I think you want to group the data for a user together even though the
entries may be in a random order in the file?

I'm pretty new to PHP myself so don't have a grasp of all the functions,  
so here is a version of what I think you want to do, but there may be a  
much better way ;-)

     $users = file("text.txt");
     echo "<table style='border: 1px solid #000;' width='75%'  
     echo "<tr>";
     echo "<td width='50%' align='center'><b>Domain Name</b></td>";
     echo "<td width='50%' align='center'><b>Date & Time</b></td>";
     echo "</tr>";

     // initial CSV parse into usable array
     $user_array = array();
     foreach ($users as $user) {
         list($name, $domain, $date) = explode(",", $user);
array("domain"=>$domain, "date"=>$date));

     // output array details
     foreach ($user_array as $username=>$details) {
         echo "<tr>";
         echo "<td colspan='2' align='left' style='font-weight: bold;  
background-color: #fafafa'>$username</td>";
         echo "</tr>";
         foreach($details["accesses"] as $accesses) {
             echo "<tr>";
             echo "<td width='50%'  
             echo "<td width='50%' align='center'></td>";
             echo "</tr>";


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