extract variable from an array

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certainly is an array of arrays;
is  a table with an external array that contains rows where each row is
an array that contains columns

This code hide the value that is on the first row with a field
namefield_x (the only name of the field that I know)
unset ($ v-> r [0] -> namefield_x);

this code removes all the values of the field namefield_x
foreach ($ v-> r & as $ r) {unset ($ r-> namefield_x);}

by analyze the codes above is possible understand how the array are made
for to extract the names of all the fields (columns)?

Think is something similar at this
foreach ($ v-> r as $ k => $ r)
       {foreach ($ k-> r as $ pp)
           {echo "<br>. "$ pp"}

thanks and good year

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