Extract numbers from string

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Hi friends!

I have a varchar field in my DB with numeric values separates by
spaces. I need to extract the numbers to create an array.

Example 1: 1820 1823 1825 --> need to be transform into


Example 2: 1 5 21 31 <<> must be transform into

The difference between ex 1 and 2 is that there might be different
length between numbers.

Can anyone help me???

Thank you very much,


Re: Extract numbers from string

On 14 Jan 2006 12:39:27 -0800, in

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$myArray = explode(" ", $myString)

explode() splits up the string in its second argument at each
ocurrence of the string in its first argument, and returns the results
into an array.

The manual http://fr.php.net/manual/en/function.explode.php
gives good examples.



Re: Extract numbers from string

Charlie King wrote:
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Exactly - I was going to say the same thing if no one else had yet :)

Re: Extract numbers from string

zek2005 said the following on 14/01/2006 20:39:
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Well this is generally a bad idea to start with - one of the principles  
of good database design is atomicity, i.e. each field should contain  
only one value.

i.e. instead of something like:

ID      name      values(VARCHAR)
1       Alice     1 28 373
2       Bob       72 182 44

you should use two tables:

ID      name
1       Alice
2       Bob

personID   value(INT)
1          1
1          28
1          373
2          72
2          182
2          44

Not to mention that storing numeric values in a character-based data  
type is a waste of space and processing time.

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But if you must store your info this way, use explode() to extract the  
individual values.


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