Exists installer written in pure php?

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I search web for system written in php, a minimal version of universal  
professional install system like eg. nsis installer.  I found nothing.  
Every web application written in php require eg. check valid php  
version, loaded php modules,  set files access, configure db connection  
etc. If i want give end user zip that user uncompress in web folder and  
run eg. install.php  I write quickly, simple but buggy script that make  
required things. I thing about make something uniwersal but if someone  
that system written why rethink again.

Re: Exists installer written in pure php?

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You could write your own installer (I just finished one for one of our  
CMS's), but it can't be done in PHP... not unless PHP already is  
preinstalled on the system. This is because PHP scripts don't run on any  
system without the PHP engine preinstalled.

Other options include writing your installer in languages that compile  
into native applications for the systems on which you like to execute  
them. On Windows systems for instance, any .Net-compatible language will  
do (C#, Java, VB, Delphi, etc.).

Once the computer is equipped to run PHP, you can use the command-line PHP  
interpreter to run any script... including installation scripts. I learned  
by experience that this is less easy than it seems :)

Don't know of any existing universal installers written in PHP. Sorry.

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Re: Exists installer written in pure php?

I want installer for working apache+php system of course, what is the  
most popular  option in basic ISP offer. Thanks for response, I still  
plan write universal solution.
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