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Currently I am reading Sam's Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours.  The book
is very good, but it is extremely slim on exercises.  I'm one of those
types of people who learn by doing, not by reading or listening.  I
have been searching around for exercises to do, but I'm not finding
any and what I do find does not correspond with what I've learned so
far.  I've even gone to samspublishing.com and they didn't have

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for website to get this, or
if anyone would be interested in submitting some ideas to me.  I've
just completed Hour 6: Functions.  I'm interested in suggestions for
exercises which cover this Hour and Hour 5, which covers flow control
(if..else, while, do while, for) ...

Any helpful suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Exercises to learn PHP

TSB contained the following:
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I wrote a short course for beginners which includes a few exercises.

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Re: Exercises to learn PHP

<Sat, 14 Jul 2007 02:18:16 -0700>

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I usually only read this newsgroup every couple of weeks .

This afternoon i was reading a thread on how count how many users are  
online or surfing a website .

Not being something i've done before i had a go at adding it to a  
website called www.outerlimitsfan.co.uk that i finished and brought  
online yesterday .

It turned out to be quite easy to write & i've set the user ip address  
to timeout at 15 minutes .

So , For want of a better description , If you see a particular specific  
thing mentioned on this newsgroup you could try writing your own version  
of it on one of your own websites as a practical example .

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