executing programs on a server

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i've written a c++ program that converts one file type to another via
two arguments (the input and output filenames).

i want to execute this on my server, using something like

exec("myprogram.exe $arg1 $arg2");

but then I realized my server is linux, and my program was compiled for

so I uploaded the .cpp instead, and now i'm trying to compile it doing
something like

exec("gccp hello.cpp");

which returns an exit code 127... not really sure what that means.

I'm guessing I probably don't have permission to be creating files on
my server...is there anyway I can change this permissions or anything?

(or what group should I be posting this in??)

Re: executing programs on a server

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 What is gccp? Did you mean gcc (or g++)? 127 is (usually) "command not found".

 There's more options you'll need to pass as well - at least "-o" to specify
the name of the final executable (else it'll come out as "a.out" for historical

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 Trying to compile code by executing shell commands through PHP is going to be
a total nightmare. It can be done but it's an incredibly awkward way to work.

 Do you not have a shell login to the server, so you can run commands normally?

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 A general Linux group most likely - comp.os.linux.misc ?

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Re: executing programs on a server

Andy Hassall wrote:
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err.. found gccp on some linux tutorial site. it's supposed to create

it seems to return 1 if the command doesn't exist. i'll go snoop around
the linux group you suggested. thanks.

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