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I succeeded in finding a workaround for the quotation bug in exec that  
caused an error in the apache error logs. here it is:
exec('start "zip" /B "'.$winzip_path.'\wzzip" -m -s'.$password.'  
"'.$tmp_new_name.'" "'.$tmp_old_name.'"');

But unfortunately, the /B switch doesn't do it's job, I still see the dos  
box. Is there a way to suppress it?

I found the script that is posted below, but that doesn't wait for winzip to  
finish. Is there any solution that I can run winzip without a dos box and  
that php waits for winzip to finish?

Thank you, best regards,

function windExec($cmd,$mode=''){
   // runs a command line and returns
   // the output even for Wind XP SP2
   // example: $cmd = "fullpath.exe -arg1 -arg2"
   // $outputString = windExec($cmd, "FG");
   // OR windExec($cmd);
   // (no output since it runs in BG by default)
   // for output requires that EXEC_TMP_DIR be defined

   // Setup the command to run from "run"
   $cmdline = "cmd /C $cmd";

   // set-up the output and mode
   if ($mode=='FG'){
       $outputfile = EXEC_TMP_DIR . "\" . time() . ".txt";
       $cmdline .= " > $outputfile";
       $m = true;
   else $m = false;

   // Make a new instance of the COM object
   $WshShell = new COM("WScript.Shell");

   // Make the command window but dont show it.
   $oExec = $WshShell->Run($cmdline, 0, $m);

   if ($outputfile){
       // Read the tmp file.
       $retStr = file_get_contents($outputfile);
       // Delete the temp_file.
   else $retStr = "";

   return $retStr;

Re: exec hide dos box

Hendri Adriaens wrote:
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It's opening a command line prompt because you can't run a command line  
program in a windowed session - at least not without some workarounds.

What you're running into is Windows limitations, not PHP.  I'd recommend  
you ask in a Windows newsgroup.  Maybe they have some ideas - i.e. other  
COM objects you could use.

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Re: exec hide dos box

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Ok, thank you for the answer.

Best regards,

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