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In php, I have an array called "q".  The elements are:

$q[0] = 2
$q[1] = 4
$q[2] = 5
$q[3] = 3

I'd like to be able to loop through this array via a While loop, and
echo the contents of these array elements back to the screen.

When I try something like:

for($i = 0; $i < 4; $i++) {
   echo $q[i];
   echo eval("$q[i]");
   echo eval("$q[" . i . "]");

I get the "String" instead of the "Contents".  For example, the output
is $q[0] instead of 2, $q[1] instead of 4, etc.

How can I fix this?  Thanks.

Re: Evaluating Strings...

number1.email@gmail.com said the following on 11/12/2005 10:59:
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Use echo $q[$i].


Re: Evaluating Strings...

*** number1.email@gmail.com escribió/wrote (11 Dec 2005 02:59:32 -0800):
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Add this code on top of your script:


It will warn you that you're using an undefined constant called "i".

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