Errors returned by System()function

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I'm attempting to debug some code that uses the System function.  When the
function is called, it returns Error 1.  Does anyone know what that error
might be, or where I can find a list of error codes for the function?

Any help is most appreciated.

Randy Jackson

Re: Errors returned by System()function

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Randy Jackson wrote:
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The System() function returns a string!

If you mean it returns the string "Error 1", that means it executed the
specified command succesfully and /that/ command (whatever it was)
produced an output for which the last line was "Error 1".

If, on the other hand, you mean that the System() call returned false
(indicating a failure of the specified command) and that the second
parameter is 1 after the call, then it is the command you call within
the System() function that has the responsability for that.

For example ('echo $?' prints the exit status of the last command):

    php$ nocommand
    bash: nocommand: command not found
    php$ echo $?

Seems that bash exits with a exit code of 1 when it can't find the

    php$ wget
               => `index.html.1'
    Resolving failed: Host not found.
    php$ echo $?

Seems that wget exits with a exit code of 1 when it can't resolve the
domain part of the URL

    php$ calc 78 + 3
    php$ echo $?

Seems that calc exits with a exit code of 0 when it works properly (as
do most (all?) other programs)

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