Error while loading DLLs at startup

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at startup I get three similar error messages about three DLLs:
php_sqlite.dll, php_curl.dll and php_gd2.dll.
I searched the group for similar problem but the solutions proposed
there did not help.
- I copied the DLLs to Windows directory
- I checked php.ini to make sure the extensions were uncommented and
there was an extension_dir directive.

One thing I had noticed in the error messages was the direction of
"Unable to load dynamic library c:\php\extensions/php_curl.dll"

In php.ini I had:

I changed it to:

Did not help. I appreciate your assistance.

Re: Error while loading DLLs at startup

Xerxes wrote:
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Maybe sqlite and gd2 need the same thing as curl:

<quote src=" ">

Note to Win32 Users:  In order to enable this module on a Windows
environment, you must copy libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll  from the DLL
folder of the PHP/Win32 binary package to the SYSTEM folder of your
Windows machine. (Ex: C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32  or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM)


USENET would be a better place if everybody read:

Re: Error while loading DLLs at startup

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 That's not really good advice - you never need to copy anything to the Windows
system directories. That's what the PATH environment variable is for.

 Bear in mind that the environment, including PATH, that your user sees may not
be the same as that the web server sees, which can cause confusion. Note also
that since a process inherits the environment of its parent, and web servers
are typically children of SERVICES.EXE, you may be hard pushed to get a web
server to see a change in system environment variables without rebooting the
machine - shutting down SERVICES.EXE is not really an option.

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