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Any ideas how to make a email report of all the error messages?

I've read on how to do it the problem is that it sends a email
for each error instead of sending a single email with all the errors.

The code I have thus far (sams as less a few lines I didnt

// user defined error handling function
function userErrorHandler($errno, $errmsg, $filename, $linenum, $vars)
   // timestamp for the error entry
   $dt = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

   // define an assoc array of error string
   // in reality the only entries we should
   // consider are E_WARNING, E_NOTICE, E_USER_ERROR,
   $errortype = array (
               E_ERROR          => "Error",
               E_WARNING        => "Warning",
               E_PARSE          => "Parsing Error",
               E_NOTICE          => "Notice",
               E_CORE_ERROR      => "Core Error",
               E_CORE_WARNING    => "Core Warning",
               E_COMPILE_ERROR  => "Compile Error",
               E_COMPILE_WARNING => "Compile Warning",
               E_USER_ERROR      => "User Error",
               E_USER_WARNING    => "User Warning",
               E_USER_NOTICE    => "User Notice",
   // set of errors for which a var trace will be saved
   $user_errors = array(E_USER_ERROR, E_USER_WARNING, E_USER_NOTICE);

   $err = "<table><tr>";
   $err .= "<td>" . $dt . "</td>";
   $err .= "<td>" . $errmsg . "</td>";
   $err .= "<td>" . $linenum . "</td></tr></table>";

   if (in_array($errno, $user_errors)) {
       $err .= "\t<vartrace>" . wddx_serialize_value($vars,
"Variables") . "</vartrace>\n";
   $err .= "</errorentry>\n\n";
   // for testing
   echo $err;

Re: Error reporting wrote:

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If you implement your error handler in the same PHP thread as the code
throwing the error you'll never have visibility of fatal errors. A better
solution is to configure PHP to log its errors properly then read the log
file. If you don't have access to the config/logfile then your only option
is the error handler route - write your own error handler and set it to
send the file (and reset it) at intervals.


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