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I have two systems - development and test.

When I run a script with an error on the development system it
reports the error.  When I run it on the test system it just
quietly fails.

The scrips start with
session_start ();

Where should I look to find out why the test system is not
reporting errors ?


Re: error reporting

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Look in the /etc/php.ini files on the two systems for the Error
handling and logging sections:

; Error handling and logging ;

And compare the settings in the test and development systems.  Note that
for a *production* system you don't want to *display* errors, but it
might make sense to *log* them.  Logged messages will land in Apache's
error_log (generally in /var/log/httpd/error_log on most Linux systems).

If the errors are happening in the session_start code, that won't be
reported unless the /etc/php.ini file enables error reporting.  I don't
know if putting the error_reporting() call *before* the session_start()
call will work or not -- that might be all you need to do.

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Re: error reporting

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The php manual page on error_reporting also refers you to the
display_errors setting,.

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