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I know I probably don't have much info for someone to help but
hopefully someone has seen this before.

I have PHP installed and I have a php.ini file with

display_errors = On


error_reporting  = E_ALL

(this is a production environment).

The problem is that if I have a php error I don't see any error
messages...just a blank screen.

Please help as it sometimes takes a long time to find some silly
missing semicolon or something.



Re: Error Messages

bitslayer wrote:
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Euhm, then it should be off. You mean development environment?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What do you get if you check the settings with the output of
ini_get('display_errors')/error_reporting()? If they are not as you expect
you've got the following possibilities:
1. (most frequent) You've edited the wrong php.ini, check for other
php.ini's on your system.
2. The variables are set differently either in httpd.conf/.htaccess
3. Your script disables the error_reporting/display_errors itself.
Rik Wasmus

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