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How can I add a a row for every error? I know I did this before, but
lost the code. The reason that this is necessary: I want errors to
build into a table which is positioned absolutely (bottom: 1em; left:
1em). I can only have one copy of the table, otherwise errors overlap
each other.

What I have now doesn't work, and I'm not entirely sure why (I know
it's crappy code, but error handling is a black box indeed, plus this
is for a prototype CSS framework, so I'm not being picky):

Re: Error Handlers

703designs escribió:
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What this code seems to do is:

1. Set error count to zero
2. Print errors if error count is greater than zero
3. Tell PHP to user your custom error handler
4. Increase the error count when new errors found

You'd need to move the "print errors" part to the end of your script so
it has the chance of catching some errors before printing them.

Also, be aware that your error handler doesn't honor the @ operator and
it never aborts the script no matter the error type (might be what you
want or not).

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Re: Error Handlers

Thanks Alvaro, that makes perfect sense. This is for only my own use,
mainly to catch missed includes (for wireframing), but I'll certainly
look into making it @-safe, which seems like an interesting topic to


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