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Hi all,

I use:
$text=ereg_replace ('[_a-zA-Z0-9\-]+(\.[_a-zA-Z0-9\-]+)*\@' .
'[_a-zA-Z0-9\-]+(\.[a-zA-Z])', '<a

to replace all e-mailadresses within a block of text to clickable
links. I wonder if anyone knows how to convert these clickable links
into protected adresses (I know you can't protect an e-mailadress for
100%, but encoding it a bit can help for a huge part off all the
harvest spam).


Re: ereg_replace safe e-mailadress

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So far for people with a domaain name that ends with .info

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Simply stop displaying e-mail addresses at your site. Map all your
e-mail addresses to an integer, and then display the integer. If the
visitor then sends an e-mail, lookup the address associated witht that
number. This way you can also perform "float-control".

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Tim Van Wassenhove <

Re: ereg_replace safe e-mailadress

Tim Van Wassenhove wrote:
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The e-mailadresses that are going through this code aren't .info
addresses. In fact, they're all from three specific domains. No *.info.

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For this site specially I need an idiot proof system. Therefore I was
thinking about this very simple textarea where someone enters a text
(sometimes with an e-mailaddress within the text) and then replace the
e-mailaddy with this mailto-link.
I know it wouldn't stop all the spam. These people are also checking a
catch-all (because their target group makes mistakes within the
adresses all the time), but all the little thing might help.
I'll try another approach.


Re: ereg_replace safe e-mailadress

Evelyne wrote:

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[some regex that bears no relationship to the actual syntax of e-mail
addresses in theory or in practice]

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Wouldn't any encoding or whatnot of the address that is effective
against harvesters be detrimental to real people?  Just look at the
Google Groups interface for a case in point.


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