Enabling php_mysql.dll extension kills php

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I bumped into this one today and don't really know how to fix this. I
started my apache server to discover it won't serve php pages. The
browser will just hang forever, nothing in the logs or php errors,
anything. I played around with this and gave up to reinstall php.
reinstalled, it worked fine until I wanted my php_mysql.dll extension
Now when I have enabled the extension and copied libmysql.dll to
system32 folder, calling ANY php page will not do any good - apache
will not return anything.
php installed as CGI, switching to apache module does not do any
Can I somehow hook to php-cgi process (or make it output its trace)
actually see what's going on/missing?
php5, apache 2.2, windows Vista 32bit.
This has worked before. I haven't been doing to the machine besides
building python mysql module yet I don't think this can affect it

Re: Enabling php_mysql.dll extension kills php

In fact, it's not just any php page that does not work, it's only the
pages that use mysql bits. Quite weird.

Re: Enabling php_mysql.dll extension kills php

Never mind - fixed.

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