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Hi there, i'm trying to figure out if there is an empty variable in a
search to return an alternative result...


$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM db WHERE city='$city2' AND
state='$state2'  ORDER BY title");
while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)){
if (empty($url)) {
echo($row['title'] . '<br>');
} else {
echo('<b><a href="' . $row['url']  . '>' . $row['title'] . '</a></b>');

from what it looks like it seems to be searching and saying if there is
any result that is empty in $url return this result. I guess i need to
know how to say.. if there is an empty $url on this row return this
result if there isn't then return the other. :) hope that makes some
sort of sense... Sorry i'm still fairly new at this.

Re: empty variable if/then

try this :

$query = "SELECT * FROM db WHERE city='$city2' AND  state='$state2'
ORDER BY title";
if(!$res = mysql_query($query))
    print("No Result");
    while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($query))
        if (!isset($url) &&  empty($url))
            echo($row['title'] . '<br>');
            echo('<b><a href="' . $row['url']  . '>' . $row['title'] .

im not shure if I cleary understand the question because im french ...
so .. tell me if that help you !!
by the way u should always valid the $mysql_query before doing anything
:) !

Re: empty variable if/then

Mikey P wrote:
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It depends on the contents of the column 'url'.  It could be null, or it  
could be a zero length string ("").

If you insert null values when there is no URL, then you should use

   if(is_null($row['url']) ...

If it's an empty string, it could still be padded with blanks, so you  
can use something like

   if (empty(trim($row['url'])) ...

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