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On this site http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/php/2001/05/03/php_foundations.html
I discovered that I could embed php variables in html using this

The variable $var has a value of: <?=$var?><br />

But I think this doesn't work with php version 5 and above.  I
searched and searched on the web to confirm this but it was rather
difficult (I can't, for example, search on the string "<?=")

I did see one reference which discouraged the use of this approach
because of some XML compliance issue.

Would appreciate hearing from you all about this, I found it much
easier to do this than reams of echo statements to generate html.

Re: embedded variable in HTML

Pakku wrote:
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This hasn't changed with PHP releases.  Rather, it means short_open_tag
is on in the php.ini file.  It's not a good idea to have it on because
the <? tag is used for xml.  Don't count on it being available - few
hosts have it, and many turn it off on upgrading.

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Re: embedded variable in HTML

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I don't know because I've not tried it, but have you tried <?php=$var?
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use Smarty to handle the presentation parts of a web app.

Re: embedded variable in HTML

Gordon wrote:

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I just tested <?php=$var?> myself, and, as expected, it gave me a parse
error (unexpected '='), while doing <?=$var?> instead gave me the
contents of the variable.

As I suspected, it will only work with shorttags enabled.

Without shorttags, you need to do it like this: <?php echo $var; ?>.

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Re: embedded variable in HTML

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Thank you Kim and Jerry!  It had to do with shorttags as you pointed
out.  I had it enabled at work where I also happen to have php4 and
disabled at home where I have php5.  Classic example of mixing up
causality and correlation!

The way Kim recommends will also enables me to dispense with lengthy
echo statements and escaped quotes- I am going to guess it will be XML
compliant too, right?

I don't know about smarty- just halfway thru an introductory php
course at this time.

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