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I want to create on my webpage a mail system with following functions:

    1. Users can send emails to other users (emails remain on the same  

    2. Users can read their own emails, send responses, delete emails

    3. System will inform users (send email to real email account), that  
they have just received email from other user

I am a beginner in php programming and creating such a mail systems will be  
a very difficult task for me.

I use debian server and apache2. I don't know how to configure my debian  
server and how to write such application in php.

I want to store emails in mysql table. I think it is a good idea, is it?

Can anybody help me? Any help will be much appreciated. Maybe you can send  
me a link to a webpage which offers such (or similar) a script, or explains  
how to do it.

With best regards,


Re: email system

i just started using phpmailer class and it seems to be pretty simple to  
grasp. wrote:
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Re: email system

Kim Hunter wrote:

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erm, you really don't want to let people send emails outside the system -
just configure your MTA to disable the SMTP and ESMTP carriers, then block
all incoming and outgoing port 25 connections, then install squirrelmail -


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