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Hello Everyone,

I have question about efficient usage of connecting to mysql. Now, i'm
using 6 or 7 queries in a page with ajax. In Addition to that, i open
connection to mysql for every query. I think it isn't efficient way.
However, when i open only one connection to use for every query, php
interpreter gives error. What should i do for efficent use of
connecting to mysql?  

Have a Good Day!


Re: Efficient Connection To MySQL

You should be able to send more than one query to mysql through one

Can you show the code please?

You could also use a persistant connection if your site is in frequent
use and your host supports it. mysql_pconnect(). I would hesitate
before using that though...

If you say connecting to database takes "3" in processing time.
Sending a select query takes about 1. **
So your performing 4 for every query, which is very inefficient.

** Depends on server type, installation & load.

Re: Efficient Connection To MySQL

SquishedOrange@gmail.com wrote:
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True.  I normally use one connection per page.

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Ugh.  Don't even suggest this.  Unless the site's getting around 1M or  
more hits per day persistent connections take more resources than they save.

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Definitely.  You do not need a new connection for each query.  Just  
learn to keep track of your connections.

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Re: Efficient Connection To MySQL

On 31 Oct 2006 11:39:52 -0800, "emrahayanoglu@gmail.com"

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 What proportion of time is actually spent on connection vs the rest of the
script - benchmark it and address the parts you can measure to be costly rather
than guessing.

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 What error do you get?

 Since you mention AJAX then each of these requests is a new PHP request -
you're not perhaps trying to open a MySQL connection in the "parent" page and
then assuming the MySQL connection resource variable will be available in the
requests serving the AJAX events?

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