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I'm working on an application.  I'm trying to implement an update
process that pulls a record out of a MySQL database, updates it, and
puts it back.

Broken down, let's assume I have a database made up of the fields:

The steps I'm finding so far are:

1)  Present a data entry form to enter the values on which the record
selection is based (an HTML form with 5 input fields...this I have).
1)  Query the database for the record (Submit for processing to a PHP
script that opensn the database and submits the values for a SELECT

=========={this is where I am stuck]==============

3)  Somehow import those returned values into a form for editting.
4)  Indicate somehow (in the form) which records (if more than one)
need to be returned as updated to the MySQL database.
5)  Somehow post to database

Anyone have any ideas they'd care to share?

Re: Edit a record?

On 03-12-2011 14:28, Charles wrote:
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show the code you have so far,

and specify more exact why 'you are stuck'....


Re: Edit a record?

On Sat, 03 Dec 2011 05:28:42 -0800, Charles wrote:

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A select query assembled using the data submitted in your form (perhaps
the name data) and selecting the date of birth data from the table

don't forget to escape any parameters from the form that you use in a
query, also you might want to validate names (alphabetics, spaces,
hyphens, possibly ' characters eg O'Leary) and dates (numerics only).

You might use an html "select" and option list for the month?

Anyway, use mysql / myslqli / pdo functions (your choice, it's up to you
at this point) to open and interrogate the db to read the record you want
to edit, then display that record in a form using the value attribute or
the selectedindex of the various html form elements to display the data
you want to edit.

Then, once the data is edited and submitted, the next script will update
the records in the table.

If you look in the php documentation for the relevant database functions
there are a lot of examples.


Denis McMahon

Re: Edit a record?

Charles wrote:

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Why the three separate fields?  Just use a single DATE field (name it DOB
or similar) and if/when you need to report on it, simply pull out the
month or day or year parts in your SELECT query. Much easier to maintain.

Trying to arrange, say, a sort by birthdate with your method is much more

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Re: Edit a record?

Charles, 2011-12-03 14:28:

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Why not a simple DATE field for birth date?

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Why are you stuck? It's simple to output the values just using echo or
similar. E.g. if the first name fetched from the db is in $db_firstname:

   value="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($db_firstname); ?>" />

And if you want to present multiple records, just create names with an
index, starting with 0 and increased by 1 with every record:

   name="firstname[<?php echo $db_rownum; ?>]"
   value="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($db_firstname); ?>" />

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One possible way:

Pass the original values as hidden fields in the form, so you can
compare the modified fields with the original values.


Store the current values as session variables, so you can compare them
with the modified fields.

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Just use an UPDATE statement in MySQL.

Maybe you should start by learnig the basics about SQL databases,
session handling and form handling in PHP.

Arno Welzel

Re: Edit a record?


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It sounds like someone's homework to me.



Re: Edit a record?

I have the process down to a fine science in getting data to the
database from the user interface, and I have it down for generating
basidc reports to a printer.  I've also designed closed database
applications in the past, so they are not new to me.

Designing a web interface is what's new.  Care to recommend any good
references for this part of the project?

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Re: Edit a record?

Charles wrote:
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Seriously you don't need them.

Just understand a bit about how the browser form and server side code
interact, and then get coding.

Expect top rewrite the first app when you learn a little more, but don't
stop doing it. Its probably best to hack first learn later until you
have got the fundamental features sorted, then go back to the manuals to
find out where you really should have been more careful.

I.e. hacking a script is a fast way to learn, then expect to rewrite it
PROPERLY later AFTER you have read a few manuals.

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