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What is the best eclipse plugin for php programming ?


Re: ecplise plugin

david wrote:

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I use net.sourceforge.phpeclipse_1.0.8 for my PHP development under Eclipse.

As far as I know, it doesn't work correct in Eclipse3 !
So I keep using Eclipse 2.1.1 :-)

But last time I checked is a few months ago.

Good luck.

Erwin Moller

Re: ecplise plugin

david wrote:
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Hi David,

I have been using phpEclipse, but later tried TruStudio Foundation. I
find is has the advantage of clearly showing syntax errors. It is also
available for Eclipse 3.0. TrueStudio Foundation is available for free

However, the new version for 3.0 adds a right parenthesis if you type a
left one. That may be handy, but imho it is not very standard editing
behavior and i could not find a way to switch it off. So if you don't
like that, maybe you should try phpEclipse.

None of the plugins seems to offer efficient searching for
implementations and references of functions and drilling down into
function calls. I allways had that with Java an Smalltalk and i really
miss it. Maybe i should find a way to open an editor or IDE from our
hypercode browsers. Or integrate a color coding editor right in the
browser. Wouldn't that be cool, a web based IDE?


Henk Verhoeven.

To try out the hypercode browsers on the phpPeanuts class library, see (click in
the menu on 'classes', 'hierarchy'or 'methods')

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