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I need to find an ecommerce with this feature:

-CMS capability
-Allow to load Product from external source (ex: from webservice or sap
-Allow to manage complex product relationship
-Allow to manage product attributes and relationship between attributes
-Allow to customize Order Procedure steps (Ex: calling an external
webservice for ok or ko)
-Multi Currency
-Multi language
-Multi Brand Support
-Allow to manage Contract for each Product
-Allow to manage User Contact Data in an external source (ex: from
webservice or sap)
-Allow to manage Login in an external source (ex: from webservice or sap)
-Allow Bundle products management
-Allow to customize "order save procedure" (ex: calling webservice or sap
-Has a customizable Customer private area

Do you know any product?

Re: ecommerce

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There are a lot CMS' out there.  Some come with a ecommerce module, some
with more than one.  I've played with Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.  I
built a site with Drupal because it was easier and there was more free
stuff for it.  Joomla stuff seems to come with a price which I wasn't
willing to pay.  WordPress is a very limited scope CMS good for single
purpose sites.  Didn't see anything for ecommerce on it but I wasn't
really looking.

Why don't you do some of your own research and report back what you've
found?  We can comment on that.  Or you could hire someone to do the leg
work for you rather than expecting it for free.

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