Eclipse for building PHP sites?

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I recently installed eclipse with the php plugin.

My question is: can eclipse be used in a medium size site where php file
include others?

Or when you use an MVC approach. To be more specific.

I started coding a site with implementing my own simple mvc approach
(not a framework). I have separated the files physically into folders:
views/ and controllers/. The file views/albumview.php includes a file
include('top.php'). The file views/albumview.php is included from a file
index.php in the root directory and  top.php is also located at the root

So when the application is running  index.php includes
views/albumview.php which includes top.php. That's ok. But eclipse shows
a warning when views/albumview.php includes top.php because it searches
for top.php in views/ folder. So I have a bunch of warnings like this.
Sorry If I messed you up with my poor english grammar!

Generally speaking how should a site like this be developed? I use
bluefish for 3-4 years now but I 'm getting tired of doing silly and
simple mistakes[1] which the only way to find is to alt-tab to firefox
reload, see the error, alt-tab to the editor and fix it.

Thanks a lot

[1] like forgeting to close a ), using variables without $, etc

Re: Eclipse for building PHP sites?

Harris Kosmidhs wrote:
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Eclipse is great tool, I use it everyday for all sorts of projects.
Static code analyze is not yet at it's top possible quality in the PDT,
so you might ignore some warnings. It's there just to give you a hint,
that something might need your attention.

In bigger projects, as the number of files grow, including them usually
causes some problems. Popular solution to it is to use __autoload function.

You cant really get rid of mistakes. All what you can do is to detect
them early. Testing is my answer to this problem. Check

For Eclipse relatd questions, i recomend using
newsgroup at (you need to register, but it's free)

Also, PDT has good Xdebug support, so check that too. It's support is in
that same news group.

best regards
Piotr N

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