Easy way to get PHP Manual Reference

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Hear is the PHP manual reference search URL template

http://www.php.net/manual-lookup.php?pattern =[s]&lang=en

Where [s] is the query parameter.

Quite often, I want to check a PHP function reference, I will go to Google  
or PHP web site for a search, then click the result.
I added this search template to Tablane browser's search bar. Suddenly,  
search PHP reference becomes such an easy task. Open the Tablane browser,  
without to go to any site, just type in function name in PHP search box. The  
reference will come out. If Shift+Enter is pressed, it comes in a new Tab.

You can add this search template to any browser or web site.

If using Tablane browser http://www.tablane.com , Right click on Search  
Bar/Choose Manage search engines menu.
In Search Engine Manager dialog, at the bottom, choose search Add Search  
Copy above template string to Query Template, give engine name PHP. Then you  
can enjoy the easy way to search PHP reference.

Also, Google group search is good a place to find answer. Search template  
http://groups.google.com/groups?q =[s]
This has been built into Tablane browser.

Mike J

Re: Easy way to get PHP Manual Reference

Mike J wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it


Just enter the following in the address bar (where "[s]" is the same as
defined above):
http://php.net /[s]

You can even skip a few keystrokes by leaving out "http://" altogether
(most browsers add this automatically).

Kim André Akerø
- kimandre@NOSPAMbetadome.com
(remove NOSPAM to contact me directly)

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