Easiest setup on Linux for a PHP newbie

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I'm starting out with PHP. I'd like to work on a project for personal
use; I will not be putting it on the web. What is the easiest way to do
this? I know I can set up an Apache server (I'm on Ubuntu Linux), but
I'm wondering if there's any simpler option, given that my scripts
don't have to be accessible on the web.


Re: Easiest setup on Linux for a PHP newbie

Rex Eastbourne wrote:

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Hi newbie,

The fact that you do not want your script accesible from the net doesn't  
matter at all, only securitywise.
Just go apache with php, as you suggested.
If you are on Ubuntu, you probably have to give a command like:
apt-get install php5-gd (as root or as sudo)
or something close to that.
Then Ubuntu will get the source from your fav. apt-get-install site, and  
install it.
From there on go to www.php.net and read a bit around.
Pay attention to php.ini and the install instructions, they will contain  
some important settings for you that define the way PHP behaves.
Check stuff from your faforite webbrowser (firefox I presume) via:
If you get confused, go to www.php.net first, if still confused, come back  
here. ;-)

Best of luck

Erwin Moller

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