E-mail newsletters - how to control send?

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Hi folks,

I have a site that ends out e-mail newsletters - currently to around
900 subscribers.

Is there an easy way to control the actual *send* to the mail server
so all 900 don't hit it at once?

Do multiple sends (from the same sender)  tend to trigger spam
controls on mail servers?

My first thought was adding timing loops between batches, but then the
whole page would reach the php.ini timeout before finishing, would it

Presently, the newsletter functions are part of an admin back-end -
I'd rather add some decent routines than foist a stand-alone email
sender application on ther poor client.



Re: E-mail newsletters - how to control send?

You could try sending them out as one email, using BCC.

However I think that this may also be flagged as spam in Outlook and
similar (emails received where the recipient is not in the email's TO
or CC fields).

Just an idea anyway.


Re: E-mail newsletters - how to control send?

On 3 Oct 2005 01:21:24 -0700, thehuby wrote:

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Thanks for that. I'm more concerned the the ISP mail server may flag
this as outgoing spam (is this possible??).

As a "quick fix" I've had to split the subscribers into 5 sections
(alphabetically) and the admin sends to each group in turn. This is
far from elegant - and [outgoing] spamguards are just as likely to
flag 150 messages as they are 900. Also, even 150 consecutive hits may
still swamp the server <??>.

Ideally, I either send in smaller chunks or put in a breather between
each e-mail ... automatically ... and without the admin sitting there,
staring at a blank screen wondering whether he's crashed the server!


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