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Probably a daft php noobie question!

Is there an e-mail encryption facility buried in the depths of php -
I'm looking for something like php's equivilent of AspEncrypt which
I've been using with great success for sometime now.

Basically I want to be able to encrpyt the message on the server, send
the e-mail message out containing credit card details and the recipient
be only able to open with the aid of a key.

Any pointers gratefully recieved!


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Re: E-Mail Encryption

Buzby schrieb:
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There is a library for GnuPG, but it is not bundled with PHP by default:  
http://php.net/gnupg . You'll need to install it with your own version of  
PHP unless your host has it enabled already.

Note that actually making a user interface for the key exchange is a  
task in itself. You'll probably want to give the user to option to  
upload their public key through a file form or enter the URL of a  
keyserver where it is stored. If you want to make it really convenient,  
perhaps automatically search some of the more popular keyservers (say,  
pgp.mit.edu) for their email address.

But once you have set that up, it would be possible to send the user an  
encrypted mail, which they can then decrypt with their private key.

Signing would also work, assuming you generate a keypair for your site  
(although you would have to store the private key on the server, which  
is dangerous).


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