Dynamic vars not the same ?

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My Dynamic variables print out, same as strings but aren't the same.
They are not correct when using them as DB.connection vars.

I was using my own routine, that read in string values from a config
file, that had entries like    host=localhost   etc, etc.
After reading, I used explode with "=" as a separator,... then finally
created some dynamic vars     $$key=$val

They are valid, it seems and printout/echo correct normal values:
They look the same as quoted strings, but when used as database
connection parameters, fail to create a connection.

$link = new mysqli( $host, $user, $pass, $db );  // fails

$link = new mysqli( "localhost", "myUser", "myPass", "myDB" ); // works
and creates a connection

Anyone know why ?  Maybe I'm missing something simple.
I'm also exploring good alternatives for config file read-in.  THX

Re: Dynamic vars not the same ?

It appears that php added a space onto the end of the string, or
perhaps it was a \r\n sequence of characters.  Regardless,  trim()
took care of the problem.

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