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I have no clue if this can be done, but I thought I'd ask anyway.  I
have a modular system where I store module information in a database.
One of the types of modules that I have is one that, depending on the
file, could have a different variable name in each file.  I have named
the module, and want to name it according to the name of the variable
(ie, modulename Joe, var $Joe)  Now, this variable needs to be loaded
into a function, but not inside the file it's located.  That file is
basicly a storage for it, and the variable is needed elsewhere.  Is
there a way to use the modulename (Joe), and convert it to the variable
name?  (func($Joe) in other words)
Another way I could do it is to just have a function that returns the
variable.  That would probably be easier.
Is there a way to do this, or is it too complicated?  Just using a
function to return a value would be easy.

Re: dynamic variable name

paladin.rithe@gmail.com said the following on 05/03/2006 13:29:
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You can get the variable from a string, e.g.:

$joe = 666;
$name = "joe";
echo $$name;

However, programmatically, creating a function that returns the variable  
is much more sensible.  It would be even more sensible to just have the  
variable named the same in every file (what's the advantage in having it  
named differently in each file?).


Re: dynamic variable name

I guess there really isn't any advantage to having different variable
names.  I'll probably go with the function route though.  That will
allow me to do a bit more with it if need be.  Thanks though.  If I
need that in the future, then I'll know how to do it.

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