"Dynamic" redirecting ... stumped!

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Hello everyone. Here is the challenge I am working on:

I want to build a system that would allow you to control the redirect
location of one domain, via a front-end interface of another domain,


I own www.fakedomain.com, which is going to point to different places
all the time.

I want to build an app on www.maindomain.com that would have an
interface that allows you to change where www.fakedomain.com points.

I want to also dynamically be able to dictate that www.maindomain.com/rawr
goes somewhere different.

It seems to me, that there would be a way to set the DNS in
fakedomain's registrar to maindomain.com's server, and then
maindomain.com would read the URL, checks it against a database, and
redirects it accordingly. I guess the struggle I can't figure out is
the connection between pointing a DNS at maindomain and allowing it to
redirect it.

Hope that wasn't too confusing. Any help is much appreciated!

Re: "Dynamic" redirecting ... stumped!

John R wrote:
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And your PHP question is?

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Re: "Dynamic" redirecting ... stumped!

On Thu, 28 Jan 2010 06:11:35 -0500, Jerry Stuckle

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However, changing the DNS is totally unnecessary.  Use htaccess to
point all requests on fakedomain to a single script which evaluates
the request by directory or page.  The script would then use
file_get_contents() to a script on the mainserver, passing any
required values via a query string.  Mainserver evaluates the query
string and echoes the redirection.  Fakeserver script then uses
header() to 301 or 302 to the proper page.

This has everything to do with redirection and nothing to do with DNS.

Re: "Dynamic" redirecting ... stumped!

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Not even this is necessary, the Apache ProxyPass feature (or
equivalent feature in the httpd being used) will allow server A to
serve content from server B while making it appear it came from server

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