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On my site, I would like to provide a feature that allows content (in this case
articles or forum topics) to be exported as a PDF file.

So far, I am planning to do this by first translating the html content into
LaTeX and then using pdflatex (with a system() command) to create the pdf.

But I don't like the fact that I need to use temp files for this - pdflatex will
only work with input and output files, which means I have to create the .tex
file, run pdflatex, then read and print the .pdf file and delete both.

Do you know of anything that would allow me to print the pdf output directly
from the input I have - or even a way to avoid having to translate it into LaTeX?

The server load is not a problem, as the site is not heavily used - otherwise I
might look into caching the output later on.

Christoph Burschka

Re: Dynamic PDF output

Christoph Burschka wrote:
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PDFLib allows you create pdf on the fly, but you have to formate things  
yourself, you can't relay on how things looks on the web-page.
Used it in a project I worked on, worked quite nicely.


Re: Dynamic PDF output

Also sprach Christoph Burschka:

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I've used this one and found it quite useful:



Re: Dynamic PDF output

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Hello Christoph.

I have used R & OS PDF Class in major projects. This class creates dynamic  
PDF documents on the fly.

You can create a demo PDF on their site.


Brent Palmer.  

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