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Hello Friends
Friends I need some help regarding graph in PHP.
I know how to draw a graph in PHP. But i dont know whether i can
dynamically retreive data and refresh graph in PHP. If any have any
knowlegde regarding this so please help me. Tell me how i can
dynamically retrive data and refresh graph using PHP.
I will be thankful to you
Please help me.
Its urgent

Re: Dynamic Graphs In PHP

 http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph /


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Re: Dynamic Graphs In PHP

anubhagarwal@gmail.com wrote:

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Depends what you mean by graphs. If it's numerical charts, then JPGraph. If
its the more mathematical version (networks with nodes / edges / vertices)
try graphviz (not written in PHP).



Re: Dynamic Graphs In PHP

anubhagarwal@gmail.com wrote:
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Jpgraph will do the ploting, <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60">
will refresh the page every 60s.

You're not thinking of a "real-time" chart or anything like that are
you?  That jpgraph/php can't do you need some sort of streaming app then.


Re: Dynamic Graphs In PHP

Thanks to all for the kind concern
Craig as u said taht i can refresh the page with <meta
http-equiv="refresh" content="60">  after every 60s.
First thing is can u give me a sample script and an idea that how i can
test that teh graph is refreshing?
Actually what i hav to do is i have to retrieve data from web services
aftter every 3 seconds and then i have to move my graph in forward
direction. so that new data can be displayed in the futher incoming
More clearly I have to draw a graph in php just like the graphs that
are displayed for ECG or for any heart disorder.
Please give me a clear idea.
So that i can make it early because i am a newbie to php.
Thanks & Regards

Re: Dynamic Graphs In PHP

anubhagar...@gmail.com wrote:
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Web service is a very poor choice of solution for this purpose.
Given that you require data acquisition every three seconds, you
should consider an approach that does not depend on HTTP.  If
you use a Web service, your client will have to open a new
connection to the server every three seconds, transmit a request,
and receive a response.  A better solution (for example, based
on sockets) would be for the client to establish the connection
once and keep listening for server output.  This means that the
client would have to run continuously and, therefore, shouldn't
be a script of any kind.  Consider a Java applet or a standalone
executable program...


Re: Dynamic Graphs In PHP

Php is probably not the good choice for this..
Take a look to java applets ..

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