Dynamic Graphs in PHP

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Hello Friends

Friends I need some help regarding graph in PHP.
I know how to draw a graph in PHP. But i dont know whether i can
dynamically retreive data and refresh graph in PHP. If any have any
knowlegde regarding this so please help me. Tell me how i can
dynamically retrive data and refresh graph using PHP.
I will be thankful to you
Please help me.
Its urgent

R. Prasath

Re: Dynamic Graphs in PHP

prasath_linux wrote:
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Where is the data coming from?  User? Database?  File? Other web site?
Somewhere else?  That affects how to retrieve the data.

If this data is being displayed via the web, you can't just refresh and
and display the data.  HTTP is a request/response protocol; it needs to
have a request from the client.  This request can come from the user
(i.e. clicking a button) or be emulated by a client-side language such
as javascript.

Alternatively, you can use something like Java and run completely
outside of the HTTP protocol.

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Re: Dynamic Graphs in PHP

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If you know how to create a graph, why do you not know how to
dynamically retrieve data and draw a graph?

Do you mean that you want the graph to update in real-time?
(if so give some indication of data volumes and the required frequency
of refreshes and the tools you are currently using to create the

Do you mean that you know how to draw a graph, but you don't know how
to retrieve data?
(you'd need to give some indication of where you are retrieving data

It would also be helpful if you were a bit more specific about what
you meant by a graph - this means different things in different

Do you mean a set of vertices and edges? Or a numerical plotted chart
(historgam / pie chart / x-y plot)?

It would also be useful if, in addition to explaining your goal more
clearly, you gave some indication of why you are unable to acheive


Re: Dynamic Graphs in PHP

prasath_linux wrote:

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  Ok, to plot charts, try the JpGraph package:
http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph /

  And, for plotting /graphs/, try de GraphViz package:

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