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I have some doubts

1) Can some one explain the difference b/w include_once and
'coz there are some instances when we use include_once() and the code
works and in same case if we use require_once() it doesn't work

2) I have created a dynamic HTML generation code.In some cases the id
of the field is displayed as the value of the texbox (and it doesn't
happen with all the textbox's only some of them)

3) How to get new lines(in a para) from DB to PHP
We get the mail content from DB (Oracle 10g) and to get it in the
corect format we are using <br> but if there is some other way could
you please guide me?

Thank you

Re: Dynamic Form building


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It's described in the manual. The difference is what will happen if the
requested file can't be included: "include" just throws a warning, while
"require" kills the script with a fatal error.

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It's an error in your code, but impossible to fix without seeing it.

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I sometimes used this function to replace simple line breaks with better
HTML markup:

function nl2html($text) {
  $pattern = array('#\r\n?#', '#\n\n+#', '#\n#');
  $replace = array("\n", '</p><p>', '<br>');
  return '<p>'.preg_replace($pattern, $replace, $text).'</p>';


Re: Dynamic Form building

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ON question 3 you could you the nl2br function built in PHP.

Re: Dynamic Form building

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Thanx for your help

Solved the 2nd problem
it was a bug in my team mates code which was discovered during

Solved the 3rd problem also
Our email function wasn't accepting normal text instead it was just
taking HTML characters so it gave us problems.

Now that we are using the simple email function provided by PHP all
the problems related to this got solved.

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