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I have a php script which basically spits out an image. I want to send
this image in an email but don't want the image to be an attachment,
embedded in the email or cached.  I'm able to do this just fine with
email clients like outlook or thunderbird. However if I send that email
to a webmail account like hotmail, it downloads the image and swaps the
php code with a link to a cached copy of the image.

The email source for the image looks like this:

<img src="www.myserver.com/image.php">

but when I view the source for the hotmail email it changes the image
to this:

src="http://by1306fd.bay1062.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/getmsg?&msg=543D6804-765F-4E60-A0D5-9CE765CEF361&start=0&len=45543&curmbox=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001&a=8e065c648dcdbaba7a1a179f7a328bf0d065e1da1cbd1fb1c7ac3028e3a7&mimepart=5http://by106fd.bay106.hotmail.msn.com/cgi-bin/getmsg?&msg=54D6804-65F-4E60-A0D5-9C765CEF361&start=0&len=4543&curmbox=00000000-0000-000-0000-00000000001&a=8e065c648dcda7a1a1739f7a328abf0d0651e1bd1fb17c7ac3028e3a7&mimepart=4 ">

is there anyway to keep that image dynamic or is hotmail always going
to cache it and strip out my php link?

Re: Dynamic email images..

hurricane_number_one@yahoo.com wrote:
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It should be:

<img src="http://www.myserver.com/image.php ">


Re: Dynamic email images..

right, typo. anyway, that does't make a difference, still the same

NC wrote:
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