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Can anyone out there give me a pointer regarding creating a
dynamically-generated drop-down list connected to an array?

And is that question as clear as chocolate spread?

Here's what I've got. I'm using PHP and MySQL database. I'm customizing
some calendar software, and I want the user to fill in a form by
selecting a title from a drop-down list, generated by my MySQL
database. However, the program I'm customizing uses arrays, which is
where I'm stumped.

What do I need to add to this code to make the array of titles(eg
"report writing" etc) come from my database, rather than the
manually-entered values that you can see here.

The field I want to pull from is called com_courses.title

 array (
     "Course Title:",

     array ("Report Writing", "Recruitment & Selection", "Presentation
Skills", "Essential Telephone Skills", "Time Managememt", "Customer
Care", "Other"),

I hope it's not cheeky to ask this, and thank you sooooooooo much for
BTW I bought a book on Programming with PHP and MySQL, but it doesn't
answer this question, so I'm not being lazy. Honest.


Re: Dynamic drop-down list with array - question

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