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I don't normally post stuff like this, but I'll take my chances.

The Germany-based company www.strato.nl (strato.de) appear to be trying to
get a foothold in the Netherlands on the hosting market. They have a
ridiculously cheap offer at the moment. I paid 1 euro and 19 cents
(VAT) for a year's hosting, INCLUDING two top level domains, and a
complete shared hosting package w/ email, php, mysql, wordpress etc etc.

I am not sure if people outside NL can use the offer as well. Maybe some
of the Dutch contributors/lurkers are interested. Offer valid thru end
June. Windopes users might also like additional software they offer at low

And no, I am not getting anything in return,I am not linked/affiliated in
any way etc etc. Just thought it might be to good to pass up on.  


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