drupal php incorrectly reading domain folder into php_self etc??

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Very frustrating problem with domain pointers.

My hoster is Netfirms. First of all the .htaccess file is not supported
at netfirms - if it is present you will receive a 500 server error.

Second - I have 4 domains there - they have a webbased cpanel. You are
given a root folder for your account called 'www'
Third - They tell you to create subfolders for each of your domains
using the format 'mydomain.com' as the folder name (although really any
folder name will work)
Fourth - you goto the cpanel, select a domain and enter in the folder
name it should be directed too.

All is good - I installed drupal to domain1.com and used it for a few
weeks - testing etc. I got ready to install drupal for my second domain
and very much want to use multisite.

I followed the install.txt exactly. subfolder in sites called
domain2.com - new database, edited the new settings.php new baseurl,
etc - all done perfectly.

Then I changed the pointer for domain2.com to the domain1.com folder.

I browse to domain2.com, I see a new fresh drupal home page asking me
to create my first account - Great!
I enter a username and email and click 'create new account' button

Suddenly the url changes from domain2.com to domain1.com/?=admin|user
where I get an error saying 'access denied'.

Why does this happen? After much testing it is determined that this
button along with the 'request new password' button is somehow reading
the /root directory name of the website and substituting it. Becasue
the root folder for domain1 was actually a properly formatted url (ie.
folder name of domain1.com) it never caused any errors until I tried
A phpinfo shows almost every variable displaying
//example.com/phpinfo.php  or
mnt/b45/d56745/www//example.com/phpinfo.php (note the double slash)

Somewhere, somehow the buttons are generating their url's in a
different way from standard links which don't exhibit this behaviour.

Any ideas?


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