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I have page1.php with form to fill by customer. Inside form is field
with dynamic drop-down menu (choices from database). On page2.php I
have validation of values posted from page1.php. In case or error or
forbiden values, customer is redirected to page1.php again (with proper
error notification) to correct them. All the values should be preserved
on redirection to page1.php by session variables, so the customer dont
have to fill all the fields again, but only to make correction. It's
easy with <input type="text"...
Now the question:
How to preserve the position choosed from first submition in drop-down
menu since it is dynamicly populated?

THX, everyone.

Re: drop-down position


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Pick the value out of the session and compare it with the values in
your SELECT.  It doesn't matter whether or not those values are pulled
from a database.  Whichever one matches the value from the session, add
to its OPTION a selected="selected" attribute spec.


Re: drop-down position

@net wrote:
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heres a function i wrote the other other day, you could change it to  
loop through the db result, cause this one was for a static array

function arrayToOptions($array,$selected = null)
    $result = "";
    foreach( $array as $value => $name )
        $result .=
            sprintf('<option value="%s"%s>%s</option>',
                        $value,($value == $selected)
                        ?  ' selected="selected"': "",$name);
    return $result;

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