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I'd like to know whether there is a class or some code
sample available somewhere to do what I'd like to achieve.

I have two drop down menus next to each other.  
The first one has its content dynamically loaded from a
database and I want the second drop down to be updated,  
also from a DB request, accordingly to the user selection
in the first one.

For example, the first one would be countries, and once
you select a specific country, the 2nd drop down would
list some cities from this country.

Any way to do this?
Any way to do this without a page reloading?

I was thinking about Ajax technology.

Any advice?

Thanks for any help.


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Re: ->Drop down menus automatically updated?<-

Steve JORDI wrote:
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You could reload the page using JavaScript after you've chosen the
country, and then fill he second menu with the cities selected.
Another, more modern way would be to use AJAX, can't help there however.

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