Doubts with php5apache2_2.dll

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Hello all.

On one computer running WindowsXP I decided to intall Apache 2.2.2  
HTTP server (current stable version at this moment), and MySQL  
5.0.22 GA database server (last released version too).

PHP 5.2.x-dev (from ) runs as a module in  
Apache 2.2.x without problems, but due it isn't obviously a  
released version and there aren't MySQL 5.x PHP/connectors for PHP  
5.2.x-dev, I use PHP 5.1.4 until the suitable release.

All in a development enviroment, of course.

I knew about PHP 5.1.4 and Apache 2.2.x problems, and read about  
some "patches" (e.g. But, instead of download  
and install third-party modules, libraries or other files, i tried  
to use the php5apache2_2.dll (included in 5.2.x-dev) for the  
LoadModule directive (in httpd.conf).

Seemingly, all is running smoothly. So, in your oppinion, could i  
expect serious problems? Could this alternative be a good choice  
with regard to the Apachelounge proposal?


Re: Doubts with php5apache2_2.dll

Super_Lopez wrote:
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If it loads then you're probably fine. The SAPI modules don't change
much aside from occasional bugfixes. The .DLL you have was probably
just recompiled using the Apache 2.2 headers instead of the 2.0 ones.

One thing you don't want to do is mix files between the package from and things you download from Apachelounge. The PHP team is
still using Visual C++ 6 whereas Apachelounge compile their
downloadables with Visual Studio 2005. As the binaries are linked
against different C runtime libraries, weird errors could occur.

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