DOMDocument parsing problem

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at the begining sorry for my english:)
my problem looks like this.
the page I want to parse is sometihing like this :
<table>//main table
        <table>//first inside first table
        <table>//second inside first table
        <tr><td>...</td>        <td>..</td>                    <td>..</td>  
<td>..</td>                <td>..</td>             </tr>
        <tr><td>link1</td>    <td><text11></td>      <td>tekst12</td>  
<td>tekst13</td>     <td>tekst14</td>    </tr>
        <tr><td>link2</td>    <td><text21></td>      <td>tekst22</td>  
<td>tekst23</td>     <td>tekst24</td>    </tr>
        <tr><td>linkx</td>    <td><textx1></td>      <td>tekstx2</td>  
<td>tekstx3</td>     <td>tekstx4</td>    </tr>

and know it is my question.
how using DOMDocument functions or sometingh I can get links 1,2 ... x
I need to get them to the array, but how to parse this document via DOM
I tried to read manual, but I thunk I am to stupid for this :) I do not  
understand this
and a specially there is not enough information in my native language -  
polish and even in english I've found
not so much.
so if You can please help me.
thank You very much

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