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This question came up in another newsgroup and it got me to thinking maybe
it can be done with php.

Let's say you wanted to know what domain names were listed on
Is there a way to get that list in PHP?

As you know, a domain name resolves to an IP.
But there could be hundreds of domain names on that same IP.
How do I know for sure which domain name is spamming me?
Just as an example.

I did find reference to an old program called "Webspy" that could
apparently do this. But it appears not to be available any longer.
Oh and yes I googled it. That's like looking for a needle in lake michigan.

Re: Domain names listed by host

El 28/10/2011 5:44, richard escribió/wrote:
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The programming language does not really matter. The key point is
whether such information is available somewhere. A few hints:

1. Neither the web server software (Apache, IIS...) nor the host
computer are required to reveal what domains they are configured to
served. Even if they wanted to, they wouldn't have a way to do it.

2. Usable domain names need to bind to one or more IP addresses and that
information *is* publicly available (through a DNS server): you can
easily look up IP addresses by domain name. However, the opposite is not
true. You won't necessarily find a domain name by IP address in the DNS
server, and even when you do it won't normally be what you expect:



3. When you write a piece of software that opens and outgoing network
connection (for instance, to spam you), you won't normally need to
provide your domain name. Actually, the whole idea of whether your
script belongs to a web site is totally irrelevant in this context.


- If you want to locate a spammer you'll have to do it manually with the
variety of on-line services that compile this kind of information or buy
access to their API.

- If you want something else, you'll need to explain *what* you need to
do rather than *how* you expect to do it.

In either case, I think it's pretty off-topic here.

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Re: Domain names listed by host

On Thu, 27 Oct 2011 23:44:35 -0400, richard wrote:

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You asked this question in another group and didn't get an answer that
suited your worldview, so you're asking it here.

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First of all, please define what you mean by "spamming".


Denis McMahon

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