does php file size matter?

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Hi all,

Quick question... I have a class that is over 1200 lines of code and 50
KB in size.  This file does not display any html, it is just included
and after I call all the necessary functions, I save the data and
display it on my output page.

Here is my confusion - to the best of my understanding, since php is
server side, this file should never be "transferred" to the client,
correct?  In other words, whether my class is 100 lines or 10,000 lines,
it shouldn't have any affect on my bandwidth or transfer rate should it?
Please correct me if I am wrong, but I have been operating under the
assumption that the only thing that gets transferred to the client is
the php file after it has been parsed for all html formatting, and the
size of this final product is what affects the speed of transfer.

Thanks in advance.

Re: does php file size matter?

That's exact, php parse the file and the web server give the result to the
client... you 1200 lines will never leave the server.


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Re: does php file size matter?

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However, PHP does have to recompile that entire file for every page, unless
you are using a cache/optimizer.  That takes time -- possibly a lot of
- Tim Roberts,
  Providenza & Boekelheide, Inc.

Re: does php file size matter?

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This is why I broke my code libraries into functional parts.  That way,
each page can require what it needs and only what it needs.

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