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Re: Does anyone flowchart their code?

Twayne wrote:
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I have learnt a lot over the years.

Faced with installing some gateposts in the garden, I asked around.
Hiring a motorized auger to drill into the soil..or a mini digger to
excavate a huge hole..using a JCB to push the thing in..

In the end I took a spade and dug a square it got deeper I
simply used the spade to loosen the soil, and scooped it out with the
gardening equivalent of a bent spoon. (hand dutch hoe). When I got to
the full strtech of ny arm lying on the soil I considered it deep
enough. Posts in, then a mallet used endways to ram the soil back around.

It took about an hour per post. Considerably less time than finding
someone with the correct tool to hire.

There has been more than one occasion when someone has asked me to
recommend a 'computer system' and I have looked at what they wanted, and
gone out and bought them a filing cabinet full of paper hangers..or a
card index file.

People are so conditioned to think that the only way is the high tech
way that they forget to analyse what it is they are actually trying to

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