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I've been considering using phpDocumentor to document a web app I'm  
working on. Apart from parsing inline comments in the code itself it  
allows to maintain external docs, and I need to deliver end-user  
documentation in a format like MS-Word or PDF. However, I'd need to  
write these external docs using DocBook, an XML format I've never used.

I wonder if there's another tool that would suit my needs better. I  
don't really need to document the code itself, just produce a couple of  
manuals with installation and usage instructions. My notes are currently  
in plain text files but these are ugly to print and can't have images  
(such as screenshots or diagrams). A Word processor would not be source  
control friendly.

Googling has confused me with the thousand documentation tools that seem  
to exist...

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Re: Documentation tool

lvaro G. Vicario wrote:
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When documenting a manual of use for your programs its really a
difficult choice .

When I was a working man , I had document all sorts of things , at first
I was using  word, then made xml documents that where modified by a
script , then it all got moved to a share point so i ended up going back
  to word.

Now that I have gabbs of free time , I have started my own projects and
  I have had to consider making one a foss project, I discovered the
beauty of wiki type systems.The advantages of a wiki is that it can be
group written , can include screen shots and it can store previous
revisions of your documentation.

The reason I've pegged a wiki is that the learning curve for actual use
is small , allowing you to spend time writing and taking screen shots.

This is all good ,while developing the manual it the added bonus that it
can be a online for your clients to use right now.

There is no real reason you can't - wiki -> copy+paste to word / print
to pdf.

At the moment I work solo and don't develop for commercial use .My
suggestion may be completely rubbish for a large project and for
business use.

Thats my 2c .

regards trookat

Re: Documentation tool

for my current project I added on a wiki part as a wiki and part as a
built-in documentation.  Seemed to make the most sense to me  I'll
write my docs and the users can correct and elaborate as needed and
everyone has access to the most up to date version (in the program).
Though I figure that may not work well for everyone.

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