Dlls within PHP

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I've a dll which contains an API to a document server. The documentation talk
about in MS Visual studio adding a reference to the dll in the under COM

What I'm wondering is there anyway in PHP to load the DLL and make use of it's
API functionality?

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Re: Dlls within PHP

David Gillen wrote:
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Somewhat yes.

You will need to create an extension for it [1]. That way you should be
able to access all the functionality provided by the DLL.

[1] http://www.php.net/manual/en/internals2.ze1.zendapi.php

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Re: Dlls within PHP

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There's more than one way it can be done.  First, if you are running
on a Windows server, you can call the COM objects directly:


Alternatively, you may be able to wrap your DLL into a PHP extension,
will also require that PHP be running on a Windows machine.

If PHP must run on a non-Windows platform, you may be able to expose
API as a Web service, but that will have to be done in whatever
the server on which the DLL resides supports.


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